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The SSKE platform hosts information related to Service Science concepts as well as business related information.

In this respect stakeholders from academia, business service companies, governmental agencies, professional associations orService Science community are invited to contribute to the development of this service knowledge platform.

Information that can be submitted can approach the following aspects related to services, service systems, and service innovation:

a) Documents. This knowledge category relates to articles, books, journals, case studies in services, patents, reports, standards, master or PhD theses, conference proceedings.

b) Projects related to this domain.

c) Case studies in different service sectors, Proof of Concepts (POC) and Proof of Technology (PoT).

d) Events dedicated to this domain (workshops, conferences, virtual exhibitions, etc).

e) Company solutions dedicated to service innovation in different service sectors.

f) Technologies and methodologies that can be applied to foster service innovation.

g) Institutions that sustain service innovation.

f) Information about people that master service systems concepts and approach service innovation in different service sectors.

g) Courseware and company training programs dedicated to different aspects of methodologies and technologies that sustains IT-based service innovation.

Please use these SSKE Templates in order to submit information you consider being important for the development of this collaborative platform.

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