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INSER@SPACE, as an open collaborative space for promoting service innovation and technological transfer, has the important role in maintaining the connection to the European Innovative Platform for Knowledge Intensive Services (EIPKIS).

INSER@SPACE is composed of three important parts:

- a learning management platform

- a semantic wiki dedicated to service science

- a set of Cloud services

EIPKIS is a generic concept, represented by multiple European platforms, like Europe INNOVA, EU Cluster Observatory, Europe 2020, as well as professional organizations and communities concerning services and innovation.

The INSER@SPACE – EIPKIS Common Action Programme was developed based on the experts’ experience and on the extensive documentation and research performed within the project. It aims at assuring the sustainability of our actions and of our development even after the end of the project, in order to support service innovation and continuous education. The programme has five main objectives, presented below in detail.

Objective A: A. Aligning INSER@SPACE actions with the European Commission strategy

Objective A Details:

A.1 Participating to events organized by the European Commission

A.2 Comprehending the strategies, programmes and organisms related to the European Commission

A.3 Involvement in activities organized at European level on the topic of services

A.4 Enrollment of INSEED consortium institutions in initiatives and organizations at European level

Objective B: B. Contribution of INSEED experts and institutions to activities of initiatives and scientific communities at international level

Objective B Details:

B1. Adherence to professional and technical organizations in the domain of services

B2. Participation as active members in technical-scientific communities

Objective C: C. Collaboration with foreign professors and researchers on the topic of innovative services

Objective C Details:

C1. Inviting experts from European universities to INSEED events

C2. Co-authoring scientific articles and books with foreign collaborators, as a valuation of documentation and exchange stages

C3. Organizing scientific events in the domain of services

Objective D: D. Sustaining education activities in the domain of services and in correlation with the European framework

Objective D Details:

D1. Recognizing the INSEED master programmes at European level

D2. Publishing scientific articles in the service education topic

D3. Certification of postgraduate university courses available on INSER@SPACE educational platform

Objective E: E. Promoting the INSER@SPACE collaborative space

Objective E Details:

E1. Presenting INSER@SPACE to international scientific events

E2. Enclosing INSER@SPACE in the list of services offered by University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

E3. Presenting INSER@SPACE on the official institutional sites of the INSEED consortium

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