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53 projects currently included in SSKE.

Research projects:

Acronym Name Service Sector
- Integrated Technical Dispatcher for Brasov County - Geospatial Electronic Services E-Administration
- Analysis of Mental Health Services for Romanian Children Healthcare & E-Health services
AIM Adequacy of old-age income maintenance in the EU E-Government
Software services
AQUAMAR Marine Water Quality Information Services AquaMar E-Administration
Software services
ASSIST Alpine Safety, Security And Information Services and Technologies E-Administration
Software services
BIOINFOQSAR The development of a QSAR type Bioinformatics system for the modeling of therapeutic agents acting against tumors and bone diseases in individual focused therapies Healthcare & E-Health services
CAATS Cooperative approach to air traffic services Smart Transportation
Software services
CEMONDIS Home tele-cardio monitoring Healthcare & E-Health services
DESP Patient Electronic File Record Healthcare & E-Health services
EBEST Empowering business ecosystems of small service enterprises to face the economic crisis E-Government
ECOUSIN Enhanced COntent distribUtion with Social INformation Software Services
ELVIRE Electric Vehicle communication to Infrastructure, Road services and Electricity supply Smart Transportation
Software services
EUROPRACTICE IC EUROPRACTICE CAD and IC Service for European universities and research institutes Software services
EVEREST Evolutionary strategies for radio resource management in cellular heterogeneous networks
GENESYS Generic Embedded System Platform Software Services
GN3 Multi-gigabit European research and education network and associated services Software Services
HEALTH EVERYDAY Mobile environment for healthcare services and health education for a better life of NMD patients Healthcare
EHealth services
Health Informatics
HPC-EUROPA2 Pan-European Research infrastructure on High Performance Computing for 21st century Science Software Services
HeERO Harmonised eCall European Pilot Telecommunication
ID_828 Strategic and operational maturity assessment tool to sustain Romanian SMEs performances in the long term E-Administration
IMAGO Morphometric models and techniques with applications in cancer diagnostic imaging and new therapy evaluation Healthcare & E-Health services
IPPS Innovation Policy Project in Services E-Government
IRIS Europe II Implementation of River Information Services in Europe Software services
LaNDLESS Integrating Linked Data with Linked Services Software services
MIDAS Model and Inference Driven, Automated testing of Services architectures Software services
MOBIWEB2.0 Mobile Web 2.0
MOONRISE Modeling Open Semantic Service Relationships Software Services
MobileSage Situated Adaptive Guidance for the Mobile Elderly Healthcare & E-Health services
Mobiserv Mobiserv – An Integrated Intelligent Home Environment for the Provision of Health, Nutrition and Well-Being Services to Older Adults Software Services
NESSI-GRID Network European Software and Services Initiative - Grid Software Services
PHYDYAS Physical layer for dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radio
SAIGHID Informative and Guidance Advanced Services for Drivers and Travelers utilizing The Digital Maps Smart Transportation
SELF-LEARNING Reliable self-learning production systems based on context aware services Manufacturing
SELUSI Social entrepreneurs as "lead users" for service innovation E-Government
SERVPPIN The contribution of public and private services to European growth and welfare, and the role of public-private innovation networks E-Government
SHAPE Semantically-enabled heterogeneous service architecture and platforms engineering Software services
SIMS Semantic Interfaces for Mobile Services Software services
SMS Semantic Mashup of Linked-USDL Services Software services
SOFI Service Offering for the Future Internet Financial
Software services
SUBCOAST A collaborative project aimed at developing a GMES-service for monitoring and forecasting subsidence hazards in coastal areas around Europe E-Administration
Software services
SmartRegions Promoting Best Practices of Innovative Smart Metering Services to European Regions E-Government
TELEASIS Complex system for tele-home-care for the elderly Healthcare & E-Health services
TELMES Multimedia platform for implementing complex medical tele-services Healthcare & E-Health services
TRASER Identity based tracking and web-services for SMEs Software Services
VHF/VARIOLA-PCR Development and commercial production of standardized PCR-assays for detection of hemorrhagic fever viruses and variola virus and their implementation in the diagnostic service of EU P4 laboratories Healthcare & E-Health services
VITAL Vital Assistance for the Elderly Healthcare & E-Health services
WEB4WEB Web technologies for West Balkan countries E-Government
Software services

Study projects:

Acronym Name
- Increasing the romani communitys access to family planning services and health of reproduction
CRIS Strategic research and development program for growth and innovation for services

Education projects:

Acronym Name
DELLIISS Designing Lifelong Learning for Innovation in Information Services Science
ESOTERIC - USDL4EDU Exploring domain specific industry verticals for USDL - Describing Educational Services
INSEED Strategic Program - Fostering Innovation in Services through Open, Continuous Education

Commercial projects:

Acronym Name
EVINTER – UO Informatic Territory Tracking System
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