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Service Science, as an interdisciplinary approach to the study, design, implementation, and innovation of service systems, was initiated in 2004 by IBM (Spohrer and Kwan, 2009).

Service science (SS) is based on ten principles (Spohrer et al., 2008; Spohrer and Kwan, 2009):

Traditionally, three vast research domains on service systems present interest (Mora et al., 2008):

  • Marketing and management domain,
  • Industrial and operations domain, and
  • Information Technology domain.

Consequently, the research effort concerning service models, service meta-models and service ontologies is based on the Marketing, Operations Management and IT literature.

A special interest recently emerged concerning service models building with fundamental conceptual links to the Systems Approach ( Mora et al., 2008), with roots in the pioneering work of (Ackoff, 1971).


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