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Value co-creation is the desired outcome in a service interaction. Also known as value proposition based interaction mechanisms, value co-creation interactions are intuitively the promises and contracts that entities agree to, because they believe following through will realize value co-creation for both entities.

Spohrer asks: “When two service systems interact, how likely is it that there exists a value proposition that, if realized, can co-create value for both of them?”

and continues: “The answer is far more often than one might think. … Ricardo was able to show that under a wide range of circumstances, one nation could have superior competencies in all areas, and there still could be an improvement for both parties through exchange. Furthermore, since experience or learning curves exist in most activities, the longer one engaged in exchange the more benefit both parties could potentially achieve! Even when value propositions with realizable potential exist, many times interactions between two service systems will not result in value co-creation outcomes.”

Formalizing the notion value co-creation interactions is a challenge for service science and an active area of business research. A formal definition of accepting value proposition is discussed in.


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