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SMW+ Documentation

Documentation for SMW+
Administrator Guide
User Guide

Extensions for SMW+

SMW+ Extension Suite
Access Control List extension
Automatic Semantic Forms extension
Collaboration extension
Data Import extension
Rich Media extension
Rule Knowledge extension
Semantic Forms
Semantic Forms Inputs extension
Semantic Gardening extension
Semantic Notifications
Semantic Result Formats
TreeView extension
User Manual extension

Get help from the SMW+ Community


Visit the SMW+ User Community, which is hosted by ontoprise, Vulcan Inc. and Monitor. Join in our regular user group meetings in north america and europe.

  • Share your experience: debate in the online forum and learn how others are using SMW+
  • Contribute to the project: add and publish own materials and discuss with the engineering team or even contribute software
Enter the user forum
Report a bug (Read this before filing bugs: How to report a bug)

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