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Services Sciences are building a concrete framework for trans-disciplinary purposes. Thus "service" must be understood in this conference with its multiple facets: economic, organizational, human, collective, ontological, regulatory, secure, trustworthy, and implemented by means of informatics. Sometimes we call it informational service to differentiate its restricted meanings in various domains like Economy or Informatics.

The goal of the second conference is to build upon this growing community to further study and understand this emerging discipline. Academics, researchers and practitioners of all disciplines are expected to contribute their results and approaches to Service Science in a trans-disciplinary setting. Due to the novelty of the domain, the conference will have a special configuration trying to organize sessions involving contributions from different contexts.

The main idea is to bring together contributors from different disciplines working on overlapping knowledge. - Paper sessions and plenary sessions (keynotes, reports). - Conference will run for 2.5 days, including a Societal Forum during the last half day bringing together all participants alike (industrial, academic, political, etc.) To stimulate interdisciplinary exchanges, all attendees will be provided with clearly identifiable color badges indicating their disciplines and interests.

More information about the conference can be found here.

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