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SMW+ 1.6 has been successfully installed.

Get started with SMW+


IMPORTANT ADVICE: To get you started with SMW+, we included a set of lessons into this Wiki that features step-by-step instructions about how to do basic wiki administration and how to create articles and data. We strongly recommend that you carefully follow the lessons.

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This wiki has these sandboxes installed: Smwplussandbox. You probably want to check them out to learn more about SMW+:

About SMW+


SMW+ is a semantic enterprise wiki that is distributed by Ontoprise GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany. This tool is well suited for organizations or teams dealing with heterogeneous and informal workflows and offers a rich feature set to create, share, publish and re-use knowledge contained in content. Ontoprise develops extensions to MediaWiki and carefully picks other useful extensions and, if having passed our quality assurance procedure, casts them into SMW+.

SMW+ includes Semantic MediaWiki (developed by Markus Krötzsch and Denny Vrandecic at the university of Karlsruhe) and the halo-Extension which is developed by Ontoprise in the HALO project, a Paul G. Allen initiative which is sponsored by his Seattle-based Vulcan Inc.

Now go semantic and have fun!