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Service Science Knowledge Environment

One of the specific objectives of the POS-DRU Project no. 57748 "INSEED - Strategic Program Fostering Innovation in Services Through Open, Continuous Education" refers to the creation and development of an open, collaborative, interactive environment to gather around universities, industry, governmental agencies and European institutions in order to foster service innovation by means of information / proves / technological transfer of the research results in developing sustainable service systems solutions.

In this respect, the Service Science Knowledge Environment (SS-KE) is designed, created and deployed in the INSEED IBM Cloud.

The SSKE's main goal is the development of a knowledge base to include Service Science Management and Engineering (SSME) research results for education and different service sectors, aiming at fostering service innovation by means of dissemination and transfer of the research for excellence results in the open, collaborative, interactive environment.

The SSKE will:

  • Implement a collaborative service process based on co-creation of value between educational service providers and consumers;
  • Will support a dramatic update of the IT educational system with new functionality based on new business models that current advances in IT technology can provide;
  • Will emphasize the way in which the co-creation of value can profit from social software, by means of the Semantic MediaWiki, taking into consideration the case of educational services delivered in the cloud.
The SSKE will be developed based on the new line of thought proposed by Service Science claiming that collaboration of independent individuals will eventually co-create value. Today, Service Science creates a distinctive body of knowledge on improving new business models based on commoditized IT services. It is a well known fact that today customers substitute owning IT-systems by service. They request IT-services instead of IT-systems. The innovative potential of IT-services has been an important topic of discussion and lead to the term Service Science.