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The SSKE's main goal is the development of a knowledge base to include Service Science Management and Engineering (SSME) research results for education and different service sectors, aiming at fostering service innovation by means of dissemination and transfer of the research for excellence results in the open, collaborative, interactive environment.

The SSKE will:

  • Implement a collaborative service process based on co-creation of value between educational service providers and consumers;
  • Support a dramatic update of the ITeducational system with new functionality based on new business models that current advances in IT technology can provide;
  • Emphasize the way in which the co-creation of value can profit from social software, by means of the Semantic MediaWiki, taking into consideration the case of educational services delivered in the cloud.

To achieve this, the present knowledge environment is targeting to gather around universities, industry, governmental agencies and European institutions for setting up in a collaborative manner the next steps that would foster the further development of Service Science.

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