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IET Business Construction +Lima, Francisco Reis  +, Oliveira, José Miguel  +, Peixoto, Pedro  +
IET Business Construction Project +Oliveira, José Miguel  +, Aroso, Manuel  +, Oliveira, Manuel  +,
IET Business Creation and Development +Lima, Francisco Reis  +, Peixoto, Pedro  +
IET Business Implementation Project +Oliveira, José Miguel  +, Aroso, Manuel  +
IET Creativity +Oliveira, Inês  +, Briga, Vítor  +
IET Introduction to Entrepreneurship +Xavier, Maria Alexandra  +
IET Managing Innovation +Teixeira, Aurora  +, Mendonça, José Baptista  +
IET Organisational Behaviour and Leadership +Firmino, Manuel  +
IET Product and Services Development Management +Fernandes, Augusto  +
IET Project for Opportunity identification and Evaluation +Ferreira, João José Pinto  +, Xavier, Maria Alexandra  +
IETMarketing Management +Brito, Carlos  +


MESG - Business Process Modeling +Faria, José António  +, Azevedo, Américo  +
MESG - Decision Support Systems +Sousa,Jorge Pinho  +
MESG - Enterprise Management +Patrício,Dobrica, Liliana  +, Beirão, Gabriela  +
MESG - Human-Computer Interaction +Borges, José Luís Moura  +, Dias,Teresa Galvão  +
MESG - Information Systems I +Cunha, João Falcão  +, Dias,Teresa Galvão  +
MESG - Multimedia and New Services +Cunha, Manuel  +
MESG - Organizational Behavior +Araújo, José Manuel  +
MESG Accounting and Financial Management +Padrão, Rui Alexandre  +
MESG Capital Budgeting +Lopes, Maria Dulce Soares  +
MESG Corporate Strategy +Guedes, Alcibíades Paulo Soares  +, Silva, Carlos  +
MESG Creativity +Marques, Maria  +
MESG Customer Relationship Management +Silva, Miguel  +
MESG Human Resources Management +Martins, Carla  +, Martins, Maria  +
MESG Information Systems Architecture +Brito, António Carvalho  +
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