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Science and Technology-Led Innovation in Services for Australian Industries


Working Group members
Project Officer
Support Team
Executive summary and condensed recommendations
1: Introduction
   1.1 The Terms of Reference
   1.2 What do we mean by “services”?
   1.3 How well understood is the importance of services to the Australian economy?
   1.4 Services underpinning growth
2: The role of science and technology (S&T) in services innovation
   2.1 The nature of services innovation
   2.2 Types of science and technology innovation
          2.2.1 Development of an underpinning product or platform
          2.2.2 Knowledge required to develop and/or transform services
          2.2.3 The method of delivering a service
   2.3 Science and technology-led innovation adding value to traditional industries
   2.4 Services Science: Integrating science and technology-led innovation with other innovation modes
3: How is Australia positioned globally in the services sector?
   3.1 The challenge for Australia
   3.2 The role of science and technology in addressing Australia’s challenges in the services sector
        3.2.1 Where does Australia have most opportunity for capitalising on science and technology-led services innovation?
4: Enabling science and technology-led services innovation – building on drivers and overcoming barriers
   4.1 Australia’s competitive advantages
   4.2 Overcoming barriers
        4.2.1 Recognising the importance of innovation in services
        4.2.2 Strengthening linkages between services industry and public sector R&D

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