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A VSA-SS Approach to Healthcare Service Systems +Viable Systems Approach  +, Service Science  +
An Integrated SS-VSA Analysis of Changing Job Roles +Viable Systems Approach  +


Challenges for EU support to innovation in services +Service Innovation Characteristics  +
Creating New Markets Through Service Innovation +Service Innovation Characteristics  +
Creativity and Innovation +Service Innovation Characteristics  +
Cultivating in demand skills for an on demand world +Learning Needs  +


Designing a service science discipline with discipline +Discipline Classification  +


Foundations and Implications of a Proposed Unified Services Theory +The Unified Services Theory Paradigm  +
Fundamentals of service science +SSKE Knowledge/Service System Entity  +, Defining the Domain  +


Growth in Services +Service Innovation Characteristics  +


ICT infrastructure for innovation +Service Innovation Characteristics  +
Innovation and productivity growth in the EU services sector +Service Innovation Characteristics  +
Innovation in Services for Australian Industries +Service Innovation Characteristics  +
Innovation in the U.S. Service Sector +Service Innovation Characteristics  +


Making Service Science Mainstream +Learning Needs  +
Managing innovation through customer coproduced knowledge in electronic services +Service Innovation Characteristics  +


On value and value co-creation: A service systems perspective +Service-dominant logic  +, Value-in-exchange  +, Value-in-use  +,


Relooking at services science and services innovation +Service Innovation Characteristics  +


SSMED: Outline and References +Discipline Classification  +
Service Science (Grid Computing Journal paper) +Defining the Domain  +
Service Science for Service Innovation +Service Innovation Characteristics  +
Service Science: Toward a Smarter Planet +Defining the Domain  +
Service system fundamentals: Work system, value chain, and life cycle +Defining the Domain  +
Services Innovation in E-government +Service Innovation Characteristics  +
Smart Service Systems and Viable Service Systems +Viable Systems Approach  +
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