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Making Service Science Mainstream

Findings from the 2009 Service Science Summit

Edited by Ovum, Aalto University and IBM, this white paper is based on the work of all participants in the 2009 Service Science Summit with major contributions from the summit’s five working groups and their core teams.

The summit was held on 26 and 27 March 2009 in Helsinki, Finland and was co-hosted by Aalto University and IBM. More than 80 leading academics from institutions across Europe, the Middle East and Africa were in attendance as well as representatives from industry and government bodies.
The five working groups at the summit addressed issues related to:

  • Curricula
  • Quality
  • Hiring
  • Fellowship
  • Partnership

A full list of summit participants is included in Appendix A.

The structure of this document begins with an overview that aims to describe the context within which service science currently exists. It identifies academia as the critical participant at this particular point in the evolution of the service science concept.

This is followed by a section highlighting issues and challenges identified by the five working groups that contributed to the 2009 Service Science Summit: curricula, quality, hiring, fellowship and partnership.

Based on the contributions from the working groups, a number of conclusions are identified with associated recommendations in the final section. These recommendations are intended to progress the development of service science as not only a mainstream academic discipline but also a mainstream concept for all stakeholders.

Two appendices are also included. The first lists further sources of information that readers can use to complement the content of this document. The second appendix lists the participants in the 2009 Service Science Summit.


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