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Service Engineering and Management (SEM) Master Program

Marketing and Financial Performance of Business

The course offers students detailed knowledge about the methodology and framework of financial analysis requested in business management and marketing processes. Its aims are to explain, transfer and appropriate basic concepts, terms and tools used in financial analysis and planning, economic marketing, capital investment rules and business ethics. Also, the course is intended to build and develop adequate communication skills in service marketing, as well as to develop a modern managerial way of thinking.

The course gives the student fundamental knowledge and the implicit necessary tools aimed at recognizing, analyzing and projecting the optimal deployment of the marketing, management and business administration processes. Starting with the general presentation of the concept of management and marketing, of its functions and principles, the course activities are aimed at explaining, understanding and correctly assimilating the concepts and the utilized terminology in the management and the marketing of various structures present in the economic environment. The course gives to students the basic knowledge regarding the managerial theory and practice, helping them to develop and adopt a managerial mindset and to assimilate the main analysis levers of the management activities.

Additionally, the development of the main abilities related to the managerial practice, and the formation and utilization of an adequate managerial language are among the main objectives of the course. The course is based on suggested references and the trainer’s teaching notes.

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