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Find examples and extensions for SMW+!
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SMW+ offers unlimited possibilities. This lesson gives you directions where to find out what you can do to extend SMW+ and to get out the most of it.

Find extensions for your Wiki

SMW+ installations are easily extended with special purpose extensions that can be installed with Wiki Administration Tool.

Read more about the current list of available SMW+ Extensions:

Browse extensions in the smwforum

Find WikiApps for your Wiki

The WikiApp repository contains applications that can be loaded into SMW+ to make it a calendar, or a project management tool or other useful applications. WikiApps can be installed with Wiki Administration Tool, too.

Read more about the current list of available WikiApps:

Browse WikiApps in the smwforum

Learn from Examples

The library section of SMWForum offers examples of typical things that you can do with SMW+.

Browse the Examples in the SMWforum:

Browse Examples in the smwforum
The video tutorial section of SMWForum contains easy-to-follow video tutorials covering SMW+ and the SMW+ Extension Suite.

Browse the Video Tutorials in the SMWforum:

Browse Video Tutorials in the smwforum
Publications about SMW+:
Browse Publications in the smwforum

Getting help


Find the complete user manual for SMW+

Visit the SMW+ User Community, which is hosted by ontoprise, Vulcan Inc. and Monitor. Join in our regular user group meetings in north america and europe.

  • Learn to apply and customize: browse the comprehensive user manuals, read about the wealth of business applications and best practices and find out how to deploy, customize and integrate SMW+
  • Contribute to the project: add and publish own materials and discuss with the engineering team or even contribute software
  • If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us via or on SMW+ Discussion Board:

Getting More Information

  • You can get more information on SMW+ here, including history and documentation
  • You can contact people from ontoprise via this page
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