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Used to provide a (short) explanation or description of a wiki part.

Information.png Note: The characteristics of this property are visible in the factbox below. This is a built-in property, you shouldn't change it!

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! +Help template to print out the pipesymbol.  +


About SMW+ +A simple promo article explaining what SMW+ and project halo are.  +
All content bundles +Find here all content bundles that are installed in this Wiki  +
Allows value +This is the build-in property "Allows value". It contains a possible value of a property. You can specify multiple values by adding multiple annotations.  +
Articlesanddata +This article is the "Articles and data" menu.  +


Bundle uses namespace prefix +Specifies a prefix that is used for each article in this bundle.  +


Category +Categories are used as universal "tags" for articles, describing that the article belongs to a certain group of articles.  +
Category +You should use this template to provide your wiki-community with a proper documentation of the categories used in the wiki.  +
Category has icon +This is a special property to assign an icon to a category. This icon is displayed in search results and autocompletion.  +
Content +This category is used for classifying (textual) content which does not fit in any of the other categories.  +
Content bundle +This category is used to identify a content bundle.  +
Create content for Halopageoptions +This template generates a link in the "content navigation" box allowing to create new content and attach it to any other article.  +
Creation date +This is the build-in property "Creation date". It contains the date a article was created. This property is set automatically.  +
Creator +This is the build-in property "Creator". It contains the name of the user who has created the article. This property is set automatically.  +


Dependency +Specifies another WikiApp (or content bundle or ontology) and its allowed version range that is required for this WikiApp.  +


Entity +Denotes the default root concept of the built-in ontology.  +


Firstname +Denotes the first name of a person.  +
Form +This category is used to allow easy bookkeeping of manually created Forms. You should always assign your manually created Forms to this category.   +
Form +This template is used to display meta data of a Semantic Form.  +
Forms/Generate form field including PAGENAME +This template generates a form field containing the pagename of the article.  +


Get value from list +This template is useful if you have a list of values separated by an arbitrary delimiter (e.g. ",") and you need a value at a particular position in the list.  +
Glossary +The glossary serves to explain the most used terms when working with SMW+  +


Haloadministration +This article represents the Administration-menu.  +
Halopageoptions +This article represents the "more"-menu.  +
Haloquicklinks +This article defines the contents of the Quicklinks section at the bottom of each wiki article.  +
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Facts about RationaleRDF feed
Has domain and rangeCategory:Wiki part (?)  + and Category:Content bundle (?)  +
Has max cardinality1  +
Has min cardinality1  +
No automatic formeditTrue  +
Part of bundleSmwplus  +
RationaleUsed to provide a (short) explanation or description of a wiki part.  +
Has typeThis property is a special property in this wiki.String  +
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